The Verlo v11 Firm Mattress is our luxury mattress, hand-crafted with premium components to ensure your ultimate comfort. This handmade mattress features soft, breathable wool fabric and natural latex providing temperature regulation and exceptional support. It comes with all the benefits of our other vCollections, as well as features like a hand-made design and premium materials like natural latex and breathable wool fabric. With a 15 year warranty and lifetime comfort guarantee, you’re assured of sleeping better on this bed for years to come.

Product Details

  • 15 year warranty
  • Lifetime Comfort Guarantee
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Motion separation
  • Pressure relief
  • Temperature regulation
  • Coilmax
  • Luxury materials
  • Natural materials
  • Innovative design
  • Made in the USA

v11 Firm Mattress

$2,149.00 – $4,399.00
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