Verlo Mattress Frequently Asked Questions

Verlo FAQs

Do I Have To Flip My Mattress?

If you have a single-sided mattress, you do not have to flip your mattress. Simply rotate it to encourage even wear. Double-sided mattresses should be flipped and rotated.

Can I Wash My Mattress Cover?

Yes, if you have a zipper-type mattress. Simply unzip and remove the soiled cover so you can machine-wash it in cold water. Avoid chlorine products and harsh stain removers. Use a cool dryer setting – or better yet, let the cover air-dry.

Do You Sell Double-Sided Mattresses?

Yes. Verlo Mattress® is one of the few companies that still offers double-sided mattresses. Most of our mattresses can be built in a double-sidded configuration. Reference our website or local store for more information.

Comfort Adjustment

What Exactly Is A Comfort Adjustment?

A Comfort Adjustment entails either one of our local experts coming to your home or bringing your mattress back to our factory so we can open it and replace, add, or subtract different components to change its feel. For instance, we can add gel memory foam or latex foam to soften your mattress. On the flip side, we can make your mattress firmer by switching to firmer components.

How Much Does A Comfort Adjustment Cost?

The first Comfort Adjustment is FREE during the first year for our v5, v7, v9 and v11 Collections. The v1 and v3 Collections offer a free Comfort Adjustment during the first 180 days (six months). After your free Comfort Adjustment period – or for subsequent adjustments – there are nominal fees. * Basic, Bunk, and Custom mattresses may not qualify for the free comfort adjustment. See your local store for more details. 

The cost of a Comfort Adjustment varies depending on the mattress size and materials selected, i.e., whether standard poly foam is used or gel memory foam for a full- or king-sized mattress. Typically, a standard adjustment on a mattress is a fraction of the cost of a new one. The price of your specific mattress adju

How Long Will I Be Without My Mattress?

Typically, you will be without your mattress for only a night or two. We try to perform our service as quickly as possible to minimize any inconvenience. If you have a zipper-type mattress you may not have to be without your mattress at all as some locations offer an in-home service option. See your local store for details

Can You Adjust Any Type Of Mattress?

Yes. Verlo can adjust most mattresses sold today, not just our own.

Will You Fix My Mattress Even If Nothing Is Broken?

Yes. There doesn’t have to be anything technically wrong with your mattress to warrant a Comfort Adjustment. A mattress can feel uncomfortable to you even when the mattress has no defects. (This is why you wouldn’t file a warranty claim. Warranties typically only cover defects that are visible and measurable.) Comfort is entirely subjective – what feels great to you can feel too soft or too firm to someone else. Even your own preferences may change throughout the years, due to your body changing. If you’re not sleeping comfortably anymore, you should consider having your mattress adjusted.

Can I Be Present While My Mattress Is Being Adjusted?

Yes, in fact, it’s encouraged. Only by trying and testing different materials in your mattress during the adjustment process, can you be sure to get that “just right” feel. It’s also sort of fun to see what’s inside your mattress. (At least we think so, but we’re mattress geeks.)

What If My Sleeping Partner And I Have Different Comfort Preferences?

Then you’ll both be happy since Verlo can make one side firmer and the other side softer. Neither one of you will have to compromise on comfort.

What Happens If You Can’t Fix My Mattress?

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to put money into an old mattress that is too far past its prime – sort of like with a car. We try to predetermine whether your mattress is a good candidate for our mattress adjustment service before we bring it in because we do not want you to incur any unnecessary costs. If, however, it is later discovered that your mattress is beyond repair, you will only be charged for the transportation and inspection costs incurred. This amount can be credited towards the purchase of a new Verlo mattress.

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