Verlo Mattress Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Can I Experience A Verlo Mattress In Person?

To experience Verlo mattresses in person, simply visit your local Verlo showroom! Verlo operates nearly 40 showrooms in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Missouri.

By visiting your nearest Verlo Mattress® location, you’ll have the chance to Try & Buy our mattresses. This way, you can test out different mattresses in person and fully personalize your mattress.

Why Does Verlo Recommend “Try & Buy”?

At Verlo, we want to match each customer with their perfect mattress. No matter what some other online retailers say, that’s almost impossible without testing mattresses in person. If you want to find a match for your unique sleeping habits, comfort needs, and personal preferences, you’ll need to try different mattresses in person.

When you Try & Buy at your local Verlo showroom, you’ll have the chance to test a wide range of vCollection mattresses, with expert advice from a Verlo Comfort Coach. Most importantly, we can personalize the comfort of your mattress in-store, adjusting the softness or firmness to your comfort needs.

How Do I Choose The Perfect Mattress For My Needs?

The best way to choose the right mattress for your needs is to visit a showroom and test different mattresses in person. Every Verlo showroom is staffed by a team of friendly and knowledgeable Comfort Coaches, who can help you find a mattress that fits your sleeping habits and comfort needs. We can even personalize the comfort of your mattress to suit your exact preferences!

How Can I Personalize The Comfort Of My Mattress?

Our vCollection mattresses give you a wide range of options to personalize the comfort of your mattress. We offer innerspring, wrapped coil, gel memory foam, latex, hybrid, and pillowtop mattresses, with firm, medium, and soft comfort options.

You can personalize the comfort of your mattress even further at your local Verlo showroom. When you Try & Buy your mattress, we can add or subtract foam layers from your mattress until it’s precisely as sort or as firm as you prefer. You can even choose a different comfort for each side of your mattress!

How Do I Choose A Different Level Of Comfort For Each Side Of My Mattress?

Verlo gives you the option of personalizing the comfort for each side of your mattress separately. This way, one partner’s side of the mattress can be made firmer, while the other partner’s side is made soft.

What If I Decide That My Mattress Is Too Soft Or Too Firm After Purchase?

At Verlo, we go the extra mile to make sure that your mattress is precisely as soft or as firm as you need. However, there are rare cases where a customer discovers that, after several weeks of use, their mattress is too soft or too firm for their needs.

With other mattress retailers, that’s a big problem. But with Verlo, you can easily make your mattress softer or firmer with a Verlo Comfort Adjustment. Verlo mattress collections v1-v11 come with one FREE Comfort Adjustment in the first 180 or 365 days, depending on the model of mattress. After this period, we offer additional Comfort Adjustments for a nominal fee.

How Does A Verlo Comfort Adjustment Work?

A Verlo Comfort Adjustment involves bringing your mattress to your local Verlo Mattress factory. Once there, our technicians will open and adjust the foam components of your mattress, adding or removing layers to make it as soft or as firm as you like.

If possible, we recommend that you are present during your Comfort Adjustment. This way, you can feel the difference made by firmer or softer components and tell us what works best for you.

To ensure long-lasting comfort, we offer Comfort Adjustments for the lifetime of every Verlo mattress. This way, your mattress can adjust as your comfort needs change over time.

Does Verlo Still Make Double-Sided Mattresses I Can Flip?

Yes, Verlo Mattress offers double-sided mattresses.

Can Verlo Make Me A Custom Sized Mattress?

Yes! Verlo is proud to offer custom size mattresses for boats, RVs, antique beds, and more! Simply visit your local Verlo Mattress showroom to discuss what size and style of mattress you need and to learn about our custom mattress pricing.

Where Do Your Foams Come From? Are They American Made?

All of our foam products are sourced from American-owned companies and are produced in the United States. Our poly foam and gel foam materials meet CertiPUR-US® standards for eco-friendliness and consumer safety. Our latex foams are certified as OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – Class 1, making them safe for infants and toddlers.

I Have A Latex Allergy, Will The Latex In Your Mattresses And Pillows Cause Me To Have A Reaction?

The latex inside our mattresses is beneath the quilting of the cover. None of the latex is exposed, and the sleeper will not come into physical contact with it. Our latex pillows have a zipper cover, so the latex is covered. Based on the type and sensitivity of your latex allergy, we cannot guarantee you will not have a reaction.

What Type Of Foundation Do I Need For My Verlo Mattress?

If you want your mattress to retain its shape, comfort, and support, you need a proper foundation. The right foundation will depend on the size and style of your mattress. To make sure you have a compatible foundation, we recommend purchasing your mattress with a matching Verlo foundation or adjustable bed base.

Please note that using your Verlo mattress without a foundation or with an inappropriate foundation could void the warranty on your mattress.

Can I Purchase Just A Mattress By Itself Without A Foundation?

Absolutely! Any Verlo mattress can be purchased as part of a mattress set with a matching foundation, or purchase independently without a foundation. This allows you to use your Verlo mattress with an existing foundation or with a foundation purchased from another manufacturer.

Please note that it’s important that your mattress is used with a suitable foundation. Using your Verlo mattress without a foundation or with an inappropriate foundation could void the warranty on your mattress.

Can I Use My Existing Box Spring?

It is best to replace the foundation when purchasing a new mattress. As such, Verlo does not recommend using your existing box spring with your new Verlo mattress.

We give you the same warranty period whether you purchase the mattress or mattress and foundation as a set. However, the use of an inappropriate foundation may void the warranty if it affects the performance of the mattress.

Do Split Queen, Or Split King Foundations Offer The Same Support As A One-Piece Foundation?

Contrary to what you may think, a split foundation is typically more supportive than a comparable one-piece foundation. With a large, one-piece foundation, there’s little reinforcing the center of the mattress. But with a split foundation, the center of your mattress is supported by the frame of each foundation piece.

Split foundations offer other advantages. Because they come in two pieces, it is easier to move a split foundation in tight quarters. Also each piece will be much lighter than a single, one-piece foundation.

Can I Use My Verlo Mattress With An Adjustable Bed Base?

Yes! Your Verlo mattress can be used with a power adjustable bed base. However, you will need to make sure that the base is the correct size and that it’s compatible with the construction of your mattress. To avoid problems with your mattress or your adjustable base, we recommend pairing your Verlo mattress with a Verlo adjustable bed base.

Does Verlo Sell Adjustable Bases?

Yes! We carry a wide selection of adjustables. Click here to see all of our adjustable bases.

Why Are Prices Different In Different Locations?

Each Verlo Mattress location determines its own prices. Because of this, the pricing of our products will sometimes vary from one location to another. Differences in pricing are often the result of manufacturing and operating costs, which may be higher or lower at certain locations.

Does Verlo Offer Financing Options?

Participating Verlo locations offer financing options to help make purchasing your mattress more affordable. Contact your local Verlo showroom for detailed information on financing and payment plans.

How Much Will It Cost To Ship My Mattress?

The shipping costs for your mattress will be determined by your location, your proximity to your local Verlo factory, and the product(s) being shipped. Please note that shipping costs may vary from one location to another.

How Long With It Take For My Mattress To Reach Me?

Shipping times vary based on your location and your proximity to your local Verlo factory. Please note that every Verlo Mattress is individually made to order, so your mattress will need to be manufactured before it is available to ship.

Does Verlo Take My Old Mattress/Foundation?

In most cases, your local Verlo will be happy to remove your old mattress and/or foundation, as well as your frame, headboard, and/or footboard. Please note that a service charge may apply for the removal of these items.

Additionally, please note that we inspect mattresses, foundations, and accessories prior to removal for signs of infestation or soiling. Verlo reserves the right to refuse removal of any item found to be in unsanitary or unsafe condition.

Can I Pick My Mattress Up?

Any customer who wishes to pick up a mattress may do so from their local Verlo showroom. However, please note that in such cases, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to secure merchandise to their vehicle. Verlo Mattress is not responsible for any liability that may incur during transportation of merchandise.

Does Verlo Accept Mattress Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, Or Cancellations?

Due to the personal nature and sanitary issues of mattress use, Verlo Mattress does not offer returns, exchanges, refunds, or cancellations on mattresses, mattress foundations, adjustable bases, or mattress accessories.

We can, however, make adjustments to your mattress after purchase. If you are dissatisfied with your Verlo mattress for any reason, we recommend contacting your local showroom for a Comfort Adjustment.

Please note that our Sleepiphany Mattress series is an exception to this policy. Click here for information about returns and refunds under Sleepiphany’s 120-Night Guarantee.

What’s Covered By The Verlo Mattress Warranty?

Verlo offers a generous, 100% non-prorated warranty on every mattress we sell. Your warranty period will depend on the model of mattress purchased. We offer a warranty period of 5 years for v1 Mattresses, 10 years for v3 and v5 Mattresses, 12 years for v7 and v9 Mattresses, and 15 years for v11 and vLatex Mattresses.

The Verlo Mattress warranty covers all mattress set purchases from defects in workmanship and materials on a 100% non-prorated basis. This includes the following during normal wear and usage.


  • Coils or wires that have broken or protrude through the fabricBody indentations of at least 1½ inches

Wooden slats that have become loose or split

What’s Not Covered By The Verlo Mattress Warranty?

While our warranty covers all defects in workmanship and materials, please note that the Verlo Mattress warranty does not cover:

  • Mattress damage due to the use of an inappropriate foundation.
  • Mattress and/or foundation damage due to an inadequate bed frame.
  • Damage caused by excessive weight on the mattress and/or foundation.
  • Mattress and/or foundation damage due to abuse or moving.
  • Body indentations on your mattress of less than 1.5 inches.
  • Fabric stains or burns.

Additionally, please note that Verlo Mattress reserves the right to refuse service when, upon inspection, the product is found to be in an unsanitary condition, or when product failure is due to causes other than defective workmanship or materials.

Do I Need To Buy A Mattress Protector From You To Get The Full Warranty?

No. We do not require you to purchase a protector with your mattress. However, we do recommend a protector to keep your mattress clean from everyday use. This will help avoid any warranty issues, as Verlo reserves the right to refuse service on any mattress found to be in unsanity or unhygienic condition.

How Do I Make A Warranty Claim On My Verlo Mattress?

In the event that your mattress requires servicing under the terms of your warranty, you can make a warranty claim by contacting your local Verlo Mattress location. Your mattress will be serviced at your local Verlo factory. Please note that you may be responsible for any transportation or shipping charges associated with service.

Who Do I Contact For Warranty On Products Verlo Doesn’t Make But Sells, Such As Warranty Service For Your Adjustable Bases, Sheets, Pillows, Etc.?

Call us! We can provide you with the contact information for any product if you have any warranty questions we cannot answer.

Where Is Your Corporate Office?

The Verlo Mattress corporate office can be found in beautiful downtown Milwaukee, WI. Verlo has been based out of Wisconsin for 50+ years, and we’re extraordinarily proud of our roots in the Milwaukee area!

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