Verlo History

Where It All Began

Curious about the history of Verlo Mattress®? Where and when we started? How we got our name? Read on and learn what has made Verlo Mattress one of today’s leading mattress brands.

Verna + Lois = Verlo

In 1958, two guys started making mattresses for their furniture store in Illinois. The mattresses were a bigger hit than the furniture, and soon became the focus of their business. Later, when they incorporated in Wisconsin, they renamed their mattress company by combining the first names of their wives. The rest, as they say, is Verlo Mattress® history…

Who We Are Today

Today, Verlo Mattress is owned by Marcus Investments, a Marcus Family company based in Milwaukee, WI. The Marcus Family is also a controlling stakeholder in The Marcus Corporation (NYSE: MCS), which has a portfolio of upscale hotels and resorts nationwide. As world-class hoteliers, the Marcus Family is proud to provide impeccable service and quality.

Our Commitment To Superior Products

Although a lot has changed since 1958, four things have remained constant throughout Verlo’s history:

  1. We are still direct-to-consumer and provide superior products at unbeatable prices.
  2. We remain committed to ensuring our guests receive a great night’s sleep.
  3. We still make mattresses one at a time in our own local factories and sell them exclusively in our own stores.
  4. People love our mattresses. Owners of Verlo products become lifelong guests.
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