Why Your New Mattress Feels Different from the Floor Model

Why Your New Mattress Feels Different from the Floor Model

woman sad mattress feels different.jpgBefore you purchased your new your mattress, you did your due diligence. You read the buying guide from Consumer Reports, shopped around, tried lying on different mattresses, and shelled out good money for what you thought would be a great mattress for a long time. But now you’re kicking yourself because the mattress that felt so good in the store, feels less comfortable now that’s in your home. What did you do wrong? How could this have happened?


Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are reasons why your new mattress can feel softer or firmer than store model you sampled.

Things that may have affected your judgement

– Floor models are typically softer. Think about it. The mattresses in the showroom get a lot of action. Hundreds of people have been lying on them, bouncing on them, trying them out. It makes perfect sense that a “worked-in” mattress would be softer than a brand new one that’s been delivered to your house. Most retailers replace their floor models periodically to reduce the chance of “misrepresentation,” but not all stores do it often enough. It’s a good idea to ask how long the mattress has been on the showroom floor.

– The mattress is naked – and you’re not. Fact is, once you put a mattress protector, sheets, blanket and comforter on your mattress, it’s going to feel somewhat different from the “undressed” mattress in the store. By the same token, when you tested the mattress in the store, you were probably wearing at lot more than a light pair of pajamas. Heavy clothes can prevent you from getting a good “feel” of the mattress. When testing a mattress in a store, it’s best to take off your coat and wear a single, lightweight layer of clothes.

– You’re human. Maybe you felt rushed because your kids were getting antsy in the store (that’s a whole other topic). Maybe you were hot. Or tired. Or hungry. Maybe you felt overwhelmed or pressured by a salesperson. We’ve all made so-so decisions under stress. It happens. When you have to make a considered purchase like a mattress, try to create a shopping expereience that will be more conducive to good decision making:

  • Leave the kids at home with a sitter
  • Dress comfortably
  • Have a meal or snack before shopping
  • Take your time – there’s no rush to make a decision

– You changed, the mattress stayed the same. If you suffer an injury – say you hurt your shoulder playing softball – or develop a medical condition, the firm mattress you preferred previously may feel too firm now. You may need a softer padding to accommodate and relieve the pressure point on your body.

What you can do if your mattress feels different

may 26 mattress shoppingIf you are within your store’s return or guarantee period (usually 60, 90, or 120 days), you may be able to return or exchange your mattress. If you’re past that window of opportunity, you’re out of luck.

But you have another option if you purchased your mattress from Verlo.

Your Verlo mattress can be adjusted to make it more comfortable for you again. By putting new foam in your mattress, we can change the feel of your mattress. It’s as easy as contacting the store where you made your purchase to schedule our Comfort Adjustment Service. We’ll bring in your mattress, modify it and have you test it to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you.

And the best part is it’s free during the first year for most models! (There’s a nominal charge for subsequent adjustments during and after the first year of purchase. Some delivery charges may apply.) At Verlo, you’ll never be stuck with an uncomfortable mattress.

Have you ever purchased a mattress that felt different when you got it home? Share your story.

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