Verlo Discusses Sleep on The Morning Blend

Verlo Discusses Sleep on The Morning Blend

IN HONOR OF World Sleep Day, which is being celebrated on March 17th, Verlo Mattress invited The Morning Blend TV show to our Wauwatosa store to discuss the importance of sleep and how Verlo can help people to get their best night of sleep.

Why Sleep is Important

Nothing makes me happier to than to talk about how sleep affects almost every aspect of your life – from your health and productivity to your mood and relationship – and why we need to give sleep the same priority as diet and exercise.

As I explained to Tiffany Ogle, one of the hosts on The Morning Blend, people need to be as committed to getting sleep as we are to working out – and part of the involves having the right equipment to get the results we want.

Tiffany was especially interested in SmartWake, Verlo’s newly introduced sleep monitor that measures and enhances your sleep performance, and wakes you up during your lightest sleep stage when it’s easiest time to start your day.

Sleep Tips

Some of the sleep tips we shared with Tiffany included:

    • Respecting your sleep and making it a priority
    • Having consistent bedtimes
    • Turning your clock away from you
    • Making your bedroom conducive to sleep by controlling the lighting
    • Having the right sleep equipment, including your mattress and pillow, and using new sleep technology like SmartWake to your advantage
The Role Pillows Play

Comfort Coach Josh Haese talked about how the pillow accounts for 30% of your sleep quality so it is crucial to make sure you have the right pillow for your sleeping position and frame.

What Makes Verlo Different

Josh also took Tiffany into our Comfort Adjustment Room to show her how Verlo is able to change the firmness of a mattress to keep up with the changing needs and preferences of our guests. Verlo can do this because we build our mattresses and have the materials and expertise to adjust the comfort – something that make Verlo very unique.

We invite you to watch this morning’s segment and let us know what you think.

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