Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom for a Great Sleep

Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom for a Great Sleep

Spring cleaning your bedroomSPRING IS SETTLING IN. It always starts slowly, with a little rise in temperature inevitably followed by some more cold and wind. Still, you know when you start to hear the birds again in the local trees that the season is changing for good.

Are you excited?

For most people, spring fever is actually a real thing, though you may not be uncontrollably amorous or permanently unable to concentrate on your work. You probably do notice an improved mood thanks to increased daylight, though, and you may be spending more time outdoors to breathe in the fresh, spring air.

The change in seasons can also mean a change in sleep patterns. To help keep your sleep hygiene on point, try these tips for preparing your bedroom for spring and a good night’s rest.

Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom

Spring is the traditional time to give your home a deep clean, and there’s no better place to start than your bedroom. Your goal is to sweep away all the dust that has accumulated, especially if you have allergies. Use a microfiber duster or vacuum to start at the ceiling and clean every surface, including walls, furniture and wood trim. Be sure to shake out your area rugs and get into the corners of your floors with a crevice tool, too. Wash all your bedding, including your mattress pad, and rotate your mattress. Finally, vacuum your window treatments from top to bottom, and you’ll enjoy a dust-free zone.

Pack Away Winter Bedding

Now that the mercury is starting to rise, it’s time to pack up your heavy blankets and bedding for the season. Most people actually sleep better in a cooler room — somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees — and too many layers will push your ambient temperature way above that. Instead, break out cooling sheets made of crisp cotton or bamboo, and choose a blanket with an open weave for more breathability. You might want to turn your thermostat down at night, too — if you haven’t yet turned the heat off completely. You may also want to switch out your flannel PJs for cotton or a jersey knit to stay cooler.

Opening the Windows

sleeping with seasonal allergies.jpgAfter a balmy spring day, it’s so very tempting to throw open the windows and air out your bedroom. You may even want to sleep with the windows open to breathe in as much fresh air as possible. If you’re someone who sleeps great under the stars, cracking the windows can help you drift off with memories of long summer days. If you have seasonal allergies, though, beware: Leaving your windows open all night will allow tons of pollen to drift into your bedroom, and you could wake up with a stuffy nose, watery eyes or a scratchy throat — or all three! If you know pollen sends you into fits, keep your windows shut. The only exception? Try airing out your room immediately after a spring rain when pollen will be temporarily washed away.

With a few changes to your bedroom, you’ll be able to enjoy the arrival of spring and drift to sleep easily when night falls. Warmer weather and fresh air can all feel great, as long as you’re prepared for what it means for your sleep patterns. After your spring cleaning, you’ll definitely be ready to hit the sack after a long day in the sun!

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