Sleeping on Planes Just Got Easier

Sleeping on Planes Just Got Easier

You’ll know you’ve arrived with the new $20,000 Jumbo 747 Sleeper bed from MotoArt. (Picture: MotoArt/Rex Features)

A VERY UNUSUAL story landed on my desk recently. It was about a bed made from a Boeing 747 jet engine, as reported by Metro, an online news source in the UK.

The bed is built by MotoArt, a California-based company that uses vintage airplane parts to make home furnishings. For a mere $20,000, you can have the new “Jumbo 747 Sleeper” arrive in your bedroom, complete with a king-size mattress.

Interestingly, it’s not the first bed of its kind. It joins four other models offered by the company, although this one is supposed to “create the hottest and most luxurious cloud nine experience on the planet.”

According to MotoArt’s Facebook page, the Jumbo 747 Sleeper puts “70,000 pounds of thrust in your bedroom.” (I won’t comment on that, however tempting.)

What surprises me (beyond the obvious like, Who buys this?!) is that it comes with a mattress. If I spent that much money on a bed, I would want to choose my own mattress to make sure it’s comfortable for me. I’m guessing the bed requires a custom mattress to fit the “plane,” and that’s why the company includes it. Maybe 747 Sleeper passengers would rather have a custom mattress.

Granted, it can be hard to find companies that build custom mattresses, but Verlo has been building them for over 50 years. If we can custom build a mattress for a boat, RV, truck or antique bed frame, we can certainly build a custom mattress capable of boarding this plane.

For $20,000, I wonder if the Jumbo 747 Sleeper also comes with a bag of peanuts.

Have you ever slept in a unique bed? Share your experience.

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