Preparing For Your Mattress Delivery

Preparing For Your Mattress Delivery

THE ANTICIPATED ARRIVAL of your new mattress is exciting! Your nights of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will finally be over. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing pleasure of sleeping comfortably.
Since it’s probably been a while since you last bought a new mattress (possibly 10 years!), you may be wondering what to expect when Verlo delivers your new mattress.

The day before your scheduled delivery, we will call you with an estimated delivery time (within two hours) so you can prepare for its arrival.

What you should do before the mattress delivery team arrives
    •  Toys on the floorClear a path for the delivery team. Move items that can be tripped over, such as throw rugs, shoes on the steps, or toys on the floor. (You don’t have to remove pictures on the wall unless your delivery team determines they are at risk.)
    • Remove the bedding from your old mattress.This includes the pillows, quilt, blankets, sheets, mattress protector and dust ruffle (if applicable). If you have difficulties removing your dust ruffle, your delivery team will be happy to assist you.
    • Secure your pets. Your delivery team loves cute furry animals – that’s why they want to avoid accidentally stepping on them.
    • Withdraw any private items from under your old mattress. Just a gentle reminder to remove any personal (and potentially embarrassing) things that may be hidden under your mattress.
What the mattress delivery team should do
    • Arrive in a clearly identified Verlo truck or van. If the vehicle doesn’t have a Verlo logo, ask to see identification and feel free to call the store for verification. (On rare occasions, a rental truck is used if company vehicles are being serviced.)
    • Wear shoe covers.This is to avoid tracking dirt into your home.
    • Survey the path. The delivery team will ask to see where the mattress is going so they can assess whether anything will impede its placement.
    • Remove your old mattress set. Your old set is sealed in a plastic bag and carried to the truck for proper disposal.
    • Set up your new mattress. This involves carefully bringing in your sealed mattress, removing the plastic covering, and setting it up on your bed or frame. Your delivery team is happy to wait if you want to vacuum the area, or to help you put the dust ruffle on your new mattress.
    • Remove all packaging. Your bedroom will be left as clean as it was when the team arrived.
    • Answer your questions.Your delivery team can tell you about the care and maintenance of your mattress, and address any questions you may have about Verlo’s Comfort Adjustment ServiceLifetime Comfort Guarantee or non-prorated warranty. In addition, they can show you how to operate an adjustable power base with the remote control, and demonstrate how to open and close a futon, if you purchased those items.
    • Have you to sign for your delivery.They will also give you the final paperwork.
What about tipping?

Tipping is never expected. However, if you would like to recognize excellent service with a tip, it will be received with appreciation. A tip of $5 – $10 per person is more than generous.

If you have any questions or concerns about preparing for your mattress delivery, please call the store where you made your purchase, or Verlo’s national customer service department at (800) 224-VERLO (8375).

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