How Do I Flip My Mattress?

How Do I Flip My Mattress?

One of our Facebook friends recently asked us how to flip a double-sided mattress. We’re glad they did because mattresses should be flipped on a regular basis to extend the life of the mattress. But more importantly, you need to know the correct way to do it so you don’t hurt yourself or knock things over in your bedroom. (Imagine Ke$ha singing, “It’s going down, I’m yelling timber!”)

We prepared this short video to demonstrate the proper way for one person to flip a double-sided mattress.


Of course, the process works differently for some of the new models, which you can see in this great 3D animation by PinkSquare.

New mattresses should be flipped and rotated once or twice a month during the first year. This may sound like a lot, but during that first year you want to distribute wear evenly across the surface. After that, we recommend rotating your mattress every three months and flipping it every six months. Doing this helps to prevent body impressions, which are created from the weight of your body constantly compressing the same area of the mattress.

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