Our ancient ancestors found out fast that sleeping on the ground was no fun. 

Meanwhile, The Princess and the Pea showed how a lumpy mattress can also ruin your  night. 

Fortunately, after thousands of years of mattress evolution, Verlo Mattress has created the  solutions to provide the great night’s sleep you deserve. 

The evolution of the mattress continues with Verlo Mattress. 

Verlo Mattress is passionate about helping people find the right sleep products – at the best  prices – because so much depends on a good night’s rest. Verlo mattresses are built in local  Verlo Mattress factories, sold at consumer-direct prices and serviced locally with a Lifetime  Comfort Guarantee. 

But it was a long road to developing high-quality mattresses. 

Experts believe mattresses date back 77,000 years. Some of those old models were made of  evergreen foliage that repelled mosquitos, which was one alternative for those sleeping outside  or in caves. 

Even Homer mentions in the Odyssey that Odysseus constructed a bed under an olive tree, and  the ancient Greeks themselves used strips of hides over wooden frames with inlaid  gold, silver and ivory. Of course, the gold, silver and ivory frames were just for those fortunate  enough to afford it. 

The Assyrians and Persians also constructed elaborate beds where sleepyheads could climb into  beds with pillows and curtains around the bed. 

Verlo Mattress bed frames may not have inlaid gold, but there’s one to fit every need. And our  mattresses are the best in the business. 

If you’re like most people, you spend more time using your mattress than any other piece of  furniture. You sleep around eight hours a day, meaning you spend roughly one-third of your life  in bed.

Fortunately, things have changed drastically for the better over the past 77,000 years of mattress evolution, and Verlo Mattress now offers sleep technology and a variety of sleep products designed for the individual customer. 

Verlo Mattress is unique in that it offers sleep technology that offers the same high-quality hand-made custom mattresses, pillows, adjustable bases. 

From the v1 Collection to the v11 Collection, Verlo Mattress offers a wide variety of high-quality mattresses designed for everybody and every budget. 

The Verlo Mattress v1 Collection mattress delivers comfort and beauty at a budget-friendly price. As we move up from the intro mattresses, the profiles increase, the quilts become thicker, and additional comfort layers are included. The collection also features an all-foam specialty mattress – a rare inclusion at this price point – as well as an innovative zippered cover design that permits easier access to the comfort layers for adjusting. Like all Verlo mattresses, the v1 Collection offers soft and firm mattress models built to suit your sleep needs. 

We’ve got all kinds of models from the v1 to the v11. All of them will get you that great night’s sleep you’ve been waiting for. 

The v11 Collection is the ultimate luxury mattress. Hand-crafted using only premium components, this mattress is personally fitted to your comfort. It includes all the most highly sought features from our vCollections, along with luxury materials like breathable wool fabric, natural latex and temperature-regulating technology. 

Odysseus would be envious of the luxury of our vCollection of mattresses. 

Verlo Mattress has all the sleep products you need, including frames, adjustable frames, pillows, air beds and custom mattresses. 

If you’re looking for the mattress and sleep products of your dreams, Verlo Mattress has everything you need. 

After 77,000 years of evolution, Verlo Mattress has perfected the mattress.

Visit your local Verlo Mattress store to find out how we’ve made the best mattresses in history.

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