Does a Double Sided Mattress Last Longer?

Does a Double Sided Mattress Last Longer?


 Tom Metz is an industry veteran with more than 38 years of experience in the mattress business. He serves as Verlo’s Vice President of Product Development. Tom and his wife, Natalina, reside in Brown Deer, WI.


One of the most common questions we hear from people who are mattress shopping is, “Does a double sided mattress lasts longer than a single-sided mattress?” They understandably want to know which type of mattress is more durable and will perform longer to give them a better return on their investment. We turned to our expert Tom Metz to respond to this question:

The answer we offer today is different than the one we provided as recent as a year ago.


 A double-sided mattress offers two sleeping surfaces.

Before, we thought a two-sided mattress would last longer, mainly due to the fact it could be flipped. The theory was that by routinely turning your mattress, you would get two sleep surfaces, thereby making the mattress last longer. Many mattress retailors, in fact, even went so far as to advertise, “Two side are better than one!”

Last winter, we put that theory to the test.

Verlo hired an independent lab to test both our single- and double-sided mattresses for durability. Rigorous testing was performed to simulate 10 years of use, with the mattresses being precisely measured for support and height before and after the testing procedure.

The results surprised even us.

The single- and double-sided mattresses performed identically. There was virtually no difference in firmness and profile loss (height) between the two.


 Testing proved a Verlo single-sided mattress is as durable as a two-sided one.

How can this be? The answer is that Verlo uses high-density foams in the construction of our mattresses. The denser the foam, the longer the mattress will perform before showing wear and losing support. A properly constructed single-sided mattress will perform just as well as a double-sided mattress.

So, the choice is yours. At Verlo, you can confidently choose either a single-sided or two-sided construction, knowing you will receive years of restful comfort and support from both.”

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