Your Verlo mattress has been designed to bring you many years of bliss. By performing routine mattress care, you’ll be able to spend many happy nights together. If you’re quiet and listen closely, you may be able to hear your mattress tell you about the mattress care it needs to perform at its best:

I need support, too.

Support is the foundation of any good relationship – ours is no different. Use a bed frame with one center support leg (for queens) or two center support legs (for kings), and I will reward you by performing better and longer. If I am a gel foam mattress, I need a firm, flat foundation.

Rotate or flip me.

I’ll age more gracefully if you rotate me end-to-end once every two weeks for the first three months, and once every two months after that. This helps to equalize my naturally-formed body impressions. (In addition to rotating, double-sided mattresses should be flipped according to the same schedule.)

Protect me.

Prevent me from getting stained (that coffee is hot!) or soiled by covering me with a mattress protector or pad. A mattress protector can also help to protect you from dust mites and allergens.

Please don’t let your kids jump on me.

I love kids, but I am not a trampoline. They could get hurt, and I could be damaged.

My love handles aren’t for lifting me.

My handles are for positioning me only, not for carrying my full weight.

I’m flexible but not bendable.

Bending my corners while transporting me or putting on fitted sheets can damage me, so please just flex my corners.

I may need a bath.

If I have a zippered cover and it becomes soiled, you can machine-wash me in cold water. Avoid chlorine products and harsh stain removers. Use a cool dryer setting – or better yet, air-dry me.