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Pick one of the best mattresses available. No pressure.

Seriously, no pressure at all if you choose any mattress from the amazing v9 collection. Featuring latex, the v9 collection offers unsurpassed pressure-point relief, which aids circulation so you can sleep sounder with less tossing and turning. In fact, the v9 collection has everything you’re looking for – from latex, micro coils, and gel foam to natural fibers and advanced technology. So the pressure’s off – you can’t make a mistake with this collection.

The v9 collection comes in three comfort feels (firm, plush or Eurotop), as well as a hybrid or gel foam option.


Enhanced Comfort

High quality foam layers provide greater comfort and support.

Motion Separation

Higher quality coil systems isolate movement and preventing partner disturbance.

Pressure Relief

Gel memory foam and natural latex provide conforming support that reduces pressure points.

Temperature Regulation

Utilizing materials that promote the dissipation of heat and helps increase breathability.


Increased support, airflow, and longevity with coil-on-coil construction.

Natural Materials

Eco-friendly materials, such as latex and wool fibers, offer more natural comfort options.

Free Comfort Adjustment

The v9 collection includes one free Comfort Adjustment during the first year.

12-Year Warranty

Our product commitment, a 100% non-prorated warranty that covers defects in craftsmanship or failure of materials.

Luxury Materials

The highest grade materials and advanced construction providing Better support and a more luxurious feel.

Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

One of the most unique promises in the industry. If you want a softer or firmer feel, we can easily adjust your mattress according to your preferences, removing the risk in mattress shopping. Free during a qualifying period after purchase or for a nominal fee.

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What Real People Say About Us

Excellent service. Excellent product. Great variety. Love that this is a local company. Gives the personal touch.

Audrey I.

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John Doe, City

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