Experience the luxury of a Verlo mattress with our v9 Hybrid Mattress. Featuring enhanced comfort and pressure relief, this mattress is perfect for those who want to help prevent aches and pains. Enjoy the support of our coilmax technology, which reduces partner disturbance when getting in or out of bed. The breathable cover encourages airflow, keeping you cool at night. From our 12 year warranty to our lifetime comfort guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that a Verlo mattress will be there for many years to come!

Product Details

  • 12 year warranty
  • Lifetime comfort guarantee
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Motion separation
  • Pressure relief
  • Temperature regulation
  • Coilmax
  • Luxury materials
  • Natural materials
  • Made in the USA

v9 Hybrid Mattress

$1,859.00 – $3,699.00
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