Do I Need To Purchase A Box Spring With My New Mattress?

Do I Need To Purchase A Box Spring With My New Mattress?

Absolutely not. At Verlo, we don’t force you to buy a box spring with your new mattress. But you may want to, depending on how old your box spring is.Technology has changed quite a bit since your old box spring was probably purchased – 10, 15 or 20 years ago. Most likely, your old box spring has coils in it, which provide “give” or movement. Putting a mattress that “gives,” on top of a box spring that also “gives” can make your mattress feel softer. The coils in box springs can also start squeaking as time goes on, and those metal coils make the box spring incredibly heavy to move.

If your old mattress had body impressions or gullies, they may have transferred to your box spring as well. If you put a new mattress on top of an old box spring with existing body impressions, the mattress will begin to fill in the existing gully and develop body impressions prematurely.

The industry has moved away from coiled box springs to immovable grids, called foundations. A foundation act as a better shock absorber for a mattress. Putting a new mattress on top of an old box spring can result in the mattress feeling different at home than it did on the showroom floor when it was sitting on a foundation.


A low-profile foundation prevents today’s higher profile mattresses from being too tall for some people.



Today’s mattresses are often deeper, meaning they have higher profiles, than those made years ago. Using an old box spring with a new high-profile mattress can make the height of your bed too high to comfortably get in and out of. With a foundation, we can customize the height (for free) to make it lower so you don’t have to worry about using a step stool to get into bed – or take a running start.

Although the industry switched to using foundations approximately 20 years ago, the term “box spring” is still used quite frequently – which can be confusing. If your “box spring” is less than ten years old, it may actually be a foundation, which certainly can be reused provided it has no wear or damage.

And, if you plan on using a platform bed with your new mattress, you eliminate the need for a foundation altogether.


 Adam Terasek is the Store Manager of Verlo Mattress in Racine, WI.

Adam Terasek has been a valued Verlo Mattress employee for more than 13 years. He has gone from building box springs and making deliveries to managing the warehouse, selling mattresses and serving as a store manager. Adam lives in the Milwaukee area with his three sons.

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