SmartWake Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Have a better day awake by monitoring your time asleep. 

Research proves that sleep plays a crucial role in your health, safety, mood and productivity.

Because so much depends on a good night’s sleep, it’s important to ensure you are getting the best sleep possible by tracking your sleep and proactively managing your health so you can enhance your daily performance.

SmartWake by Verlo is an innovative sleep monitor that uses clinically-proven technology to analyze your sleep. SmartWake’s sophisticated algorithms track and monitor your:

  • Respiratory Rate (breathing)
  • Heart Rate
  • Movement

The data is collected and transmitted via Bluetooth to the SmartWake by Verlo app on your smartphone for analysis and reporting.

Proof of what really happened while you slept.

Sleep Cycle AppIn the morning, the SmartWake app on your smartphone provides an easy-to-understand personalized sleep report that tells you:

• How long it took you to fall asleep
• How many times you woke up during the night
• Percentage of sleep spent in REM, light and deep sleep stages
• Whether you had breathing interruptions
• If your vital signs are out of your normal range
•  Sleep hygiene tips based on your information

With SmartWake, you can track and understand your sleep patterns so you can improve and enhance your sleep habits.

REM Sleep Cycle MonitorOne-time, easy setup.

1. Place the SmartWake monitor (sensor disc) under your mattress and plug it into a power source.

2. Sync the monitor via Bluetooth to the SmartWake by Verlo app on your smartphone.

That’s it! Set it, and forget it!

(SmartWake works with one or two people in bed, however, each sleeper will need their own SmartWake system.)

Sleep Stage Alarm ClockWake up with the world’s smartest alarm clock!

In addition to monitoring your sleep, SmartWake also features the world’s smartest alarm clock that uses your sleep stages to your advantage in the morning.

While asleep during the night, you repeat several sleep cycles, with each full cycle lasting approximately 90 minutes. Each sleep cycle consists of three different sleep stages: light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.

Waking up during a deep sleep stage can make you feel groggy. But waking up during a light stage can help you to feel naturally rested and refreshed.

With SmartWake, you set a range of time, such as 6:15am – 6:45am, for the alarm clock. SmartWake then identifies your sleep stages and calculates the ideal time to gently wake you within your selected timeframe.

Technology you can trust.

  • Developed by EarlySense, an innovative company focused on next-generation patient monitoring systems.
  • EarlySense core technology is clinically proven and used in hospitals around the world.
  • EarlySense clinical validations are published in highly regarded professional journals.
  • Supported by Verlo.

Wake up. Sleep better.


SmartWake by Verlo starts at $199 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Available for purchase at any Verlo Mattress store.

Visit for the User Manual, FAQs and other information.


Watch this video to learn how SmartWake works: