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Want to shop at one of the best mattress stores in Skokie, IL? Come to the Verlo Mattress store in the Orchard Plaza Shopping Center, just a half block south of Portillos Hot Dogs.Owners and operators Rod and Kerin Smith estimate that 85% of their customers are either return customers, or customers who have been referred by other satisfied Verlo Mattress customers – so it’s safe to say that this Verlo Mattress store is a favorite in the area.Mattresses are made one at a time in their local factory and sold directly to Skokie customers, which avoids middleman markups and allows the savings to be passed on to consumers.Mattress Types: Choose from a wide selection of single and double-sided innerspring mattresses, as well as gel memory foam and hybrid mattresses.Custom Mattresses: We can build custom-sized mattresses for RVs, Campers, Boats, Antique Beds, and much more.All Verlo mattresses come with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.Sleep better by shopping at one of the best mattress stores in Skokie!