While Supplies Last, Upgrade to an Adjustable Base for Free!

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Come in to Verlo Mattress of Greenfield to experience the difference local craftsmanship and expertise makes. A Verlo comfort coach will be happy to work with you to define and create your version of personalized comfort.

This month, we’re running a special deal on power adjustable bases. Come in and try one out! Upgrade your mattress set to an adjustable bed, and upgrade your sleep!

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Verlo Mattress Customer Reviews

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Tracy Nelson-Sydorowicz

Customer service was awesome! Steve was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of information. He made picking out a mattress much easier then i thought it would be!

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Brittany Donner

Darren helped us to narrow down a mattress that was perfect for mine and my boyfriend’s sleeping preferences. Loved that we set a price range with him and had no push back on that budget. The whole process was simple and efficient!

Helen L Quote star star star star star

Chris Bray

Great product just had my first night on my new verlo v3 firm mattress and adjustable frame. When the time comes to get a new mattress I will return to verlo

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