If you’re thinking of starting a mattress business, you’ve probably been doing some research on your own. One reason Verlo Mattress stands out from the competition is our inventory, production, and operations are vertically integrated – meaning we produce all of our products in-house!

When you open a Verlo franchise, you can rest easy knowing that you’re offering a unique product to which none of your competitors have access. Rather than worrying about the need to establish relationships with multiple vendors and brands, your job as a Verlo franchise owner is substantially simplified because you’re able to order all of your mattress components in-house.

Best of all, each of our mattresses are tailored to fit the needs of our customers. At other mattress stores, one-size-fits-all mattresses are offered to customers as-is.

At Verlo, our sleep experts help customers select just the right mattress for them, and provide our exclusive Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.

Verlo created a mattress shopping experience unlike any other; an elevated customer experience designed to make shopping as comfortable as the mattresses – with the goal of guests feeling a sense of “aah” when in a Verlo store.

Verlo offers a one-of-a-kind Comfort Adjustment service, in which guests are able to have the firmness or softness of their mattress altered for free within a period of time. This gives the consumer peace of mind that they will not be stuck with a mattress that no longer addresses their sleep comfort needs.

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By the way, how did you sleep last night?

  • 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.
  • 45% of Americans say poor sleep affected their daily activities
  • Driver sleepiness is a factor in 100,000 car accidents each year.
  • Sleep deprivation cost the US over $100 billion annually in lost productivity, medical expenses, sick leave & property damage.
  • Americans spent $41 billion on sleep aids and remedies. 


Verna + Lois = Verlo

In 1958, Dale Williams and Guy Day started making mattresses for their furniture store in Wheeling, Illinois. The mattresses were a bigger hit than the furniture, and soon became the focus of their business. Later, when they incorporated in Wisconsin, they renamed their mattress company by combining the first names of their wives, Verna and Lois.

America is a sleep-starved nation, desperately seeking new sleep solutions.

As a result, the mattress industry has experienced a huge resurgence in the past five years, with unprecedented interest from consumers and investors alike. Meteoric growth in the omni-channel format continues to fuel demand in the category. Once relegated to commodity product status, mattresses (the product) and sleep (the idea) are the subject and interest of top business magazines, books, newspapers, celebrity influencers and blogs nationwide.