Verlo’s in-store experience is a step above the rest in the mattress industry.

Every guest touch point was carefully considered in our branded store environment, from music and lighting, to the scent diffused into the air.

A hospitality area near the store entrance gives guests a moment to gather themselves, have a refreshment and relax.

Mattress collections are designed to address specific sleep comfort needs, and are organized hierarchically on the sales floor in pod groupings – a unique concept for the industry. Icons, representing specific needs, are mounted to the pods to clearly identify the needs met by a collection so that guests can easily navigate to their perfect fit.

The sales process features technology through the use of iPads loaded with a proprietary “Sleepography” app that asks guests a few questions about their needs, and then makes mattress suggestions based on their answers.A private kiosk with fast and easy financing options contributes to the stress-free environment

And Comfort Coaches, our sales personnel, are trained to serve as professional sleep comfort experts, educating guests in a no-pressure environment.

In striving for merchandising excellence as a franchisor, Verlo created a mattress shopping experience that was easier and more comfortable for guests, while helping to narrate the brand and product story.

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