Double-Sided Mattresses:
Two Sides to the Comfort Story double sided mattress


At Verlo, we don’t believe any one mattress fits all. That’s why we offer a wide range of mattress types, including single and double-sided mattresses. In fact, Verlo is one of the few companies that still gives you the choice to buy a single- or double-sided mattress.

doublesidedmattressphoto2Flip your Mattress

Both sides of these mattresses are finished, which allows you to flip and rotate your mattress. Flipping and rotating a mattress allows for it to wear more evenly, especially if a larger person normally sleeps on one side and a lighter person sleeps on the other. These two-sided, flippable, mattresses are made exclusively at your local Verlo Mattress.

We have 20 different double-sided mattresses to choose from.  This proven technology offers a great night of sleep. These mattresses are available at a variety of prices, to suit any budget. They are available with layers of latex or memory foam. We carry mattresses ranging from firm to pillowtop, and everything in between.

For double-sided mattresses, Verlo adds two additional years to our non-prorated guarantee.


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