The Verlo v1 Foam mattress delivers comfort and beauty at a budget-friendly price. As we move up from the intro mattresses, the profiles increase, the quits become thicker, and additional comfort layers are included. The collection also features an all foam specialty mattress - a rare inclusion at this price point - as well as an innovative zippered cover design that permits easier access to the comfort layers for adjusting and washing. The warranty period increases to 5 years and one free Comfort Adjustment during the first 180 days (6 months) makes the v1 Collection a great option.

Product Details

  • 30% more coils than similarly priced mattresses
  • 5 year non-prorated warranty
  • One FREE Comfort Adjustment during the first six months (180 days)
  • Foam Core Foam Mattress
  • Made in the USA

v1 Foam Mattress

$209.00 – $579.00
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