Verlo Employee Picks – Kristin Shirley

Verlo Employee Picks – Kristin Shirley

Verlo is introducing an entirely new product lineup, and as the new 2015 v Collection of mattresses rolls out, all of us who work here have been excitedly eyeing them up, trying to decide which new mattress to purchase for our own use. (Full disclaimer: we get a generous employee discount that enables us to buy a new mattress more frequently than most people, so that we have personal knowledge of our products and can talk honestly about them.) Here is what one of our employees picked for her bedroom.


Kristin Shirley, Verlo’s Customer Experience Manager, loves sleeping on her new v5 Hybrid mattress.

Name: Kristin Shirley
 Customer Experience Manager
Years at Verlo:
 9 months
Sleep Position:
 Side Sleeper

Mattress Type: 2015 v5 Hybrid

Tell us about your mattress: I love my hybrid mattress. After sleeping on a mattress for several years that wasn’t the right comfort level for me, I’m in heaven! I look forward to getting into bed at night and my sleep quality has drastically improved. My old mattress was a hand-me-down and was firm, which caused me to wake up frequently with hip pain or my arm would be asleep. As a side sleeper, I needed something much softer and the v5 Hybrid is a perfect fit.

 Verlo’s v5 Hybrid offers the best of both worlds by combining the look and feel of a gel foam mattress, with the support of individually-wrapped innerspring coils.

What makes your bedroom conducive to sleep? 
I keep the lighting soft as I get ready for bed and also keep the room cooler, as I’m a hot sleeper! Every night before crawling into bed, I spray my pillow with lavender essential oil and turn on my sound machine. Within minutes I’m out like a light.

Advice on mattress shopping: Remember that sleep and your quality of life are directly linked. Invest in your life by purchasing a mattress that will truly meet your needs, don’t settle! Remember to also ask questions. Understand the product that you’re about to invest in.

 Kristin keeps the temperature cooler in her bedroom and uses aromatherapy, a sound machine and low lighting to set the scene for a good night’s sleep.
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