Verlo Employee Picks – Jennifer Roethe

Verlo Employee Picks – Jennifer Roethe

 Jennifer Roethe, Verlo’s Director of Franchise Administration

Name: Jennifer Roethe
Position: Director of Franchise Administration
Years at Verlo: Over 10

Mattress Type: 2004 Verlo Heritage Limited; king sized, double-sided, innerspring pillowtop mattress. (Current mattress equivalent is the Biltmore in the Estate Collection)

Tell us about your mattress: I love my mattress! Prior to my current mattress, every mattress I had ever slept on was a hand-me-down. I inherited my grandparents’ bedroom set in 2000. The set included a king-size bed, which was very progressive of them in the ‘50s. Instead of a king-size mattress, it had two twin-size mattresses. The mattresses were 15 years old, with springs poking out of them. (Yes, I actually slept on them!) After four years, it was finally time for me to buy my first new mattress.

I’ll never forget the day my mattress was delivered – it was like getting a gift. The delivery guys made it such an event for me.

It wasn’t until I had slept on my new mattress that I realized how important quality sleep really was. Once I started sleeping better, I began feeling better and that led to me doing other healthy things, like exercising and dieting. My mattress was the first step in my journey toward better health.

What makes your bedroom conducive to sleep?
I’ve turned my bedroom into an oasis for sleeping. My bed is for sleeping only. I don’t eat in it, watch TV or work on my iPad. I have room-darkening shades, and I keep the temperature slightly cool. My bed feels like an island.

What’s on the horizon?
My mattress is ten years old now, and I know I should probably replace it soon. I’m intrigued by some of the new hybrid foam mattresses that Verlo will be introducing this summer.

Advice on mattress shopping: Buy the best mattress you can afford; it’s an investment in your health.

Funny sidenote: When Jennifer was asked, “What is your position?” she responded with “Side sleeper.” We were asking about her title. Talk about a company woman!

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