Verlo Employee Picks – Jamie Sorensen

Verlo Employee Picks – Jamie Sorensen

 Jamie Sorensen, Store Manager of our Verlo store in West Bend, WI, recently bought two mattresses.


Name: Jamie Sorenson
Verlo Position: Store Manager of the Verlo store in West Bend, WI
Years at Verlo: 1+ year
Sleep Position: Side Sleeper

Mattress Types: I recently purchased two mattresses – one for me and my wife, and one for our daughter.

My wife and I chose a Grandeur mattress from the Elegant Collection. It’s an innerspring mattress with latex in the comfort layer. We got the single-sided version because I knew we wouldn’t bother to trying to flip a king-sized mattress.

For our daughter, we bought a custom-sized Ashford mattress, which is also from the Elegant Collection. It’s an innerspring mattress that was custom made to be extra long.

Tell us about your mattresses:
Our former mattress set was 13 years old so it was definitely time for a new one. I was interested in getting a foam mattress but my wife wanted the Grandeur – and you know what they say, “Happy wife, happy life.”

She had been sleeping hot, and needed a mattress with excellent breathability. The innersprings and latex of the Grandeur provided the temperature regulation she needed. She also liked how the pocketed coils and latex absorbed movement so there was less disturbance when one of us moved.

We’ve had our new mattress for ten months now, and I have to say she is sleeping much better now. So am I.

For our 17-year-old daughter, we bought the Ashford innerspring mattress. She’s very tall, and her twin bed had gotten too small for her. We had Verlo customize a full-sized mattress to make it extra long to accommodate her 5’10” frame, and she absolutely loves it.

Advice for mattress shopping:
Look before you leap. Ask about what’s inside the mattress so you can be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Lie on the mattress and give it time – your body will tell you if it’s the right one for you.

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