Take the Nightmare Out of Mattress Moving With Four Easy Tips

Take the Nightmare Out of Mattress Moving With Four Easy Tips

Aug 25 mattress on the roof of a carYour mattress is like an old friend. It took you years to find just the right one, and all the time you’ve spent between then and now has just served to shape and define it into something you can’t live without. But what happens when it’s time to move? Or, what if you’ve invested in a new mattress, and you can’t get mattress delivery? You can’t just leave old friends behind. It may sound like an easy chore, but there’s more to transporting a mattress than you might realize. If you’re wondering how to move a mattress by yourself, use these four simple tips to get this most important possession safely to your new abode:


1. Consider the Weather

First on your list of priorities when making a date to transport your mattress should be tuning in to the local weather. Pick a day that calls for no precipitation, because even if you’re using a box truck, your mattress will be still exposed to the outside elements from doorway to loading ramp. Even a small amount of moisture can spark the growth of mold inside a mattress, and mold is not something you want to carry into your new home. It can cause an array of uncomfortable symptoms, including respiratory, intestinal and even neurological problems if left undiscovered and untreated.

2. Invest in a Mattress Cover for Moving

What’s a mattress bag? Typically, it’s a plastic mattress cover, and it encloses your mattress to keep it safe and clean during moving. Most commercial movers use them, and they cost mere pennies to buy. Even better? The best ones come with built-in handles on the sides to make mattress moving a much improved experience. They come in sizes to fit all mattresses, but it helps to have a friend along when it’s time to put your mattress in the bag.

3. Bring a Box Truck if Possible

mattress transportation.jpgIf you’re in the throes of a major do-it-yourself move, you’re probably either relying on that friend who owns a pickup truck, or you’re renting a moving truck from a local rental company. (Hopefully, you’re not trying to transport your mattress on the roof of your car!) If possible, use a box truck when it comes time to transport your mattress. This will help insure your mattress stays dry and protected from the elements. It will also be much easier to secure your mattress so that it doesn’t shift around during your move. Some mattresses, especially ones with coils or springs, can become damaged if bent or folded over for extended periods of time. This may not only make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep, it can void the warranty on your mattress as well. Play it safe and use a truck that allows plenty of room for your mattress to travel safely, and make sure you secure it well.

4. Enlist a Helper

Moving is so much easier when you bring a friend along, especially on the day that you plan to move your bed and mattress. You’ll need help to get your mattress inside the mattress bag, as well as down any stairs that may be present and up into the moving truck. It’s easy to become injured when moving heavy items such as dressers, appliances and king-sized mattresses, and back strains are never fun.

Don’t lie down on the job when it comes time to move your mattress. Getting your old friend safely out the door, down the stairs and into your new home is important if you’re ever going to get another good night’s sleep. Be savvy, and plan ahead.

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