Sleep Related Halloween Costumes

Sleep Related Halloween Costumes

Trying to come up with a clever costume idea this year? Consider a sleep-related Halloween costume. This is the ideal theme for a family or friend group who wants to dress up in similar outfits. Whether you want something sweet and sleepy like Sleeping Beauty or Goldilocks, or a bit more horrifying like the Sandman or Freddy Krueger, we’ve got something for everyone in this list of Halloween costumes about sleep.


Sleeping Beauty

The most quintessential sleep-related Halloween costume of them all is the fairest forest maiden, Sleeping Beauty. Scorned by sorcery, this sleeping princess offers up the top prize in trick-or-treating ensembles dedicated to snoozing. To get the most traction out of this Halloween costume, keep your eyes closed as often as possible and your hands folded in your lap as if you are ready for a nap wherever you go. You’ll also do well to look half dead since technically Sleeping Beauty is resting on that fine line between life and death.


The poor golden-haired child just wanted to get a good night’s sleep. She was exhausted from being lost in the forest, and after too many spoonfuls of porridge, the perfect bed beckoned here. Yet Goldilocks got a lot more than she bargained for, but then again who would have guessed grizzly bears slept in beds with mattresses and sheets? For a winning Halloween costume in a sleep theme, get with the Goldilocks program. Top your head with a curly flax colored wig and grab the pillow Goldilocks grabbed as she scampered out of that cabin.


From “Charlie Brown” fame, little Linus is constantly on the verge for a fantastic nap. Grab a thin and well-loved blanket as your security blanket, and stick your thumb in your mouth for good measure. Go with baby blue for your blanket for a more realistic sleep-related Halloween costume. Better yet, put that blankie to use. In the comic strips, Linus is seen using his blankie for everything from Dracula’s cape and a big slingshot to a cummerbund and a stylish neck scarf.

Sandman and Death

Now let’s get a little ghoulish. If you ever watched the Nineties flick “Sandman” then you know the character Death. This is actually a DC Comics character that was conjured up by the famous author Neil Gaiman of “American Gods” fame, and there is a new movie “Sandman” in the works. If you want to get on the bandwagon now, dress like Death complete with a white face, black hair, and a signature swirl under your eye. Remember to grab a bottle of sand, for those peeps who need a little sleep in their eyes.

Freddy Krueger

For the scariest sleep-related Halloween costume of them all, you guessed it, enter the realm of Freddy Krueger. This evil, knife-fingered horror can only be found in your worst nightmares, right there on “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” But did you know that Freddy Krueger costumes are for both genders these days? That’s right, you can vamp up with a female version of Freddy, making this a thrilling costume choice for a couple.

Final Tips for Your Sleep-Related Halloween Costume

While your sleep-related Halloween costume is perfect for parties and trick-or-treating, you want to keep in mind safety issues. Try not to actually fall asleep wearing costumes or face paint. Some costumes even note that these are flammable and should not be slept in. So, get your sleepy scares in before you hit the hay on Halloween.

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