Picking the Right Headboard for Your Bed

Picking the Right Headboard for Your Bed

nov 13 headboardAs you design your bedroom decor, you have certain must-haves including, a bed, nightstand and storage for clothing. But what about headboards for bed frames? As it stands, there are instances where bed frames and headboards are no longer necessary. Think about the main functions for headboards, along with whether your bed frame requires the use of a headboard. Here is a guide to get you started with your headboard decision making.


Multiple Functions of a Headboard

When shopping for a headboard for your bed, there are two main factors: function and style. A headboard provides a protective layer for the wall at the head of your bed. It also serves as a place to lean against when you are sitting up in bed. Both of these functions are for people who sit in bed and read, work or watch TV. Even if you only use your bed for sleeping, a headboard still protects the wall from dings. For example, if you move a lot in your sleep, you can scratch or scuff the wall behind your head with your fingernails. Same goes when you are making your bed and arranging your pillows.

Popular Styles of Headboards

The other reason you might want a headboard is for the style of your bedroom decor. A headboard creates a focal point for the room. It creates an opportunity for you to tie the room together with a centralized work of art. That’s right, a headboard can be an artistic element for your bedroom. To create the perfect look, consider the materials typically used for headboards:

  • Metal headboards, such as aluminum or wrought iron
  • Wooden headboards ranging from antique finished or rustic to carpenter creations including Mission and contemporary headboards
  • Fabric- or leather-covered, and quilted headboards

artwork headboard.jpgHeadboards are typically affixed to bed frames. You can also opt for a faux headboard, which is a detached headboard that is attached directly to the wall. In this case, you might even use a work of art as a headboard. This could be an oversized painting or wall decal that lends the look of a headboard. Of course, with this type of faux headboard, you might be giving more weight to style rather than function.

Types of Headboards for Beds

Along with style and function, you also need to consider the type of mattress and bed frame you are working with. If you have an older, inherited bed frame, chances are you’ll need to include the bed frame with headboard. With older model bed frames, the headboard provides stability and function for the frame itself. Without the headboard, the bed frame falls apart.

Newer style beds, including metal frames that can fold up with ease, do not come with headboards. In fact, most of these bed frames do not accommodate a headboard. You’ll have to purchase a headboard separately, in which you can choose the style of frame that best suits your bedroom. Minimalist and low lying bed frames, such as platform beds, are other styles of beds that don’t typically use a headboard.

Choosing the Perfect Headboard

headboard attached to wall.jpgWhether you need or want a headboard, there are several options available in terms of style and function. The bigger question is how to attach the bed frame safely to your wall. As you select a metal, fabric, or wooden headboard, give this some consideration so your headboard doesn’t become a safety hazard.

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