If Your Mattress Could Talk…Caring For Your Mattress

If Your Mattress Could Talk…Caring For Your Mattress

THERE IT SITS, quietly waiting in the bedroom for your return each night. It silently welcomes you back, and envelops you in comfort – with no questions asked about your day or whether you picked up that gallon of milk as promised. But, what if your mattress
could talk? What would it tell you about caring for your mattress? Here’s what it might say:
Don’t let your kids jump on me.

I love your kids, and it’s so sweet when they climb into bed with us in the morning. But I am not a trampoline! They could get hurt, and I could be damaged, so NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!

I need support, too.

Support is the foundation of any good relationship – and ours is no different. Please put me on top of a frame with a center support (whether using a box spring, foundation or platform), and I will reward you by performing better and longer.

Flip or rotate me.

I’ll age much more gracefully if you take care of me by flipping and/or rotating me once a month.

I’m a mattress, not a kitchen table.

I’m so glad you love spending time on me but, really, don’t you think it would be better if you ate at a table? I know you don’t mean to spill on me, but that plate of spaghetti can leave an embarrassing stain on me.

Protect me.

You know that stain I just mentioned? You can prevent one if you cover me with a mattress protector or mattress pad. When I wear one, I feel more confident in my ability to stay clean and sanitary. Plus, a mattress protector can help protect you from dust mites and allergens.

Maybe it’s time for a little work.

Yes, I know I’m showing some wear and tear, but don’t trade me in for a new model yet! With Verlo’s Comfort Adjustment Service, I can be adjusted to be more comfortable for you. Verlo can make me a little softer here…a little firmer there. Before you know it, you’ll fall in love with me again.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Caring for your mattress can also mean knowing when to let go. I mean, it’s been great, but we both knew this couldn’t last forever. I’m just not meant for a relationship that lasts much longer than ten years. If I stayed, soon you would start finding fault with me and there would be sleepless nights. Why put us both through that?

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