Goodbye Tired Verlo Mascot

Goodbye Tired Verlo Mascot

smaller mattress man
Verlo Mattress is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Yup, 60 years of building mattresses in our factories and selling them directly to consumers in Verlo showrooms.


We’re so proud of our history – but not of our mascot.

We’ve had our “Mattress Man” mascot, a.k.a. “Mattie,” for probably 20 years and quite honestly, he’s done a great job of charming the community and increasing brand awareness throughout the years. But Mattie has the old logo and has become a bit rough around the edges. And, there is nothing worse for a sleep-related company than a tired mascot.

Dreaming of more

Several years ago, Verlo made the conscious decision to expand beyond mattresses to offer other sleep products, such as pillows, sheets, adjustable bases and a clinically-proven sleep monitor, to help people get the sleep they need because Verlo truly believes so much depends on a good night’s sleep.

With that being said, when it came time to refresh our mascot, we felt it was also a good time to re-examine what type of mascot would better reflect our brand and mission.

The questions were…should our mascot remain a mattress? Does it have to be a “man?” What else could it be? What would better represent our commitment to helping people to improve their sleep?

Collaborating with Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Cat.pngWe turned to the professionals – or soon-to-be professionals – as in design students at MIAD, a top graphic design school in Milwaukee.

MIAD often partners with local businesses to give their students real-life experience, while providing fresh ideas to Milwaukee-area companies.

Bundle.pngThe Verlo marketing team presented our mascot “refresh” project to four classes of Illustration students in mid February. (In addition to getting class credit, the students were incentivized with a scholarship award.) Within two weeks, we received rough designs that were so great, they blew us away! And they weren’t even the final designs. They had simply been sent for feedback.

By the end of March, we will have 44 finished mascot designs to choose from. Check back to see which five of the 44 designs are selected for the first round. We may even ask for your feedback on design selection. But in the meantime, we thought you would enjoy seeing some of the fabulous entries.

Early bird.pngAlarm clock.pngGlo star2.png

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