Give the Gift of Sleep this Mother’s Day

Give the Gift of Sleep this Mother’s Day

may 12 slippers for mother's dayA long, luxurious sleep in soft Egyptian cotton sheets, breakfast in bed, and a whole day filled with nothing to do and nowhere to be — most modern-day moms will think you’re a superhero if you can arrange this magnificent feat.


According to marketing research company CMO, over $21 billion was spent on Mother’s Day gifts in 2015, including such novelties as cards, flowers, jewelry, and bedroom accessories. And while most women would certainly not turn away such gifts, you might be surprised to find out just how economical this holiday can be if you give the mom in your life what she craves the most — time alone.

Try these three easy ideas for making this Mother’s Day one that Mom will cherish forever:

1. Give the Gift of Extra Sleep

Most individuals need a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night to function well and to feel good, but it’s rare that moms, especially new moms, ever reach this lofty goal. In fact, a serious sleep deficit is pretty much the norm for parents of children aged newborn to three months, says Consumer Health Day. It may not sound that serious, but studies have linked extreme sleep deprivation to increases in infant child abuse as well as postpartum depression. So if you’re looking for that perfect gift for that new mom in your life, find a sitter or take on the responsibility for yourself on Mother’s Day, and let her catch up on a day’s worth of sleep.

2. Arrange Downtime for Mom

mom enjoying downtime.jpgAnd if you can’t arrange to let Mom sleep in on Mother’s Day, opt for the next best thing — giving her the rest of the day off: no meals to prepare, no dishes to wash, no laundry, no diapers. Gifts for the bedroom are nice, think sexy lingerie or scented candles, but nothing says I love you quite so loudly as allowing Mom to barricade herself in the bedroom with an entire season of her favorite television show on Netflix and meals that somebody else prepares.

3. Hire a Babysitter for the Evening

Can’t be there in the morning or afford to take the day off to cater to Mom? Then plan an evening out. Hire a good, reliable babysitter and sweep your favorite mom away to a fancy restaurant, a wine tasting or a long, romantic stroll along the river. Simply giving moms the opportunity to catch their breath and to reconnect with the things that make them feel good and loved is a wonderful gift to bestow upon moms of all ages. Whether the kids are grown, stuck in those moody teens or still learning how to toddle, a night away from the daily chores and responsibilities will earn you a star in the book of most modern moms.

If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year, stop trying so hard. Slip on your super-suit instead and step up to shoulder her share of the responsibilities for the day. There’s no mom anywhere who won’t love you for it afterward.

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