Get Mattress Return Policies Before Hooking Up

Get Mattress Return Policies Before Hooking Up

MATTRESS SHOPPING CAN be a lot like speed dating, and then leaping into marriage.

You go out, spend a little time with each other and – wham – you make a long-term commitment. One that can be costly, especially if the “right one” turns out to be the wrong one.

It’s no surprise that 40% of the people surveyed by Consumer Reports said they had buyer’s remorse about their last mattress. That’s almost half. Sounds like today’s divorce statistics.

Even if you spend a lot of time researching and trying out different mattresses, sometimes you wind up buying a mattress that falls short of your expectations. Then what?

The store takes it back? The two of you part ways? Yes…no…maybe.

Read the fine print on mattress return policies.

Some stores have mattress return policies that allow you to take the mattress back or exchange it – if it falls within a specified time frame. But there’s often a catch. For instance, Mattress Firm will give you a refund within 100 days – but you have to pay transportation costs that start at $79.99. Same thing for Sleep Number, except their standard shipping costs are $89.99.

The mattress return policy at Steinhafels (another mattress store in the Milwaukee area) allows a one-time exchange during the first 120 days – if you bought a mattress protector from them at the time of the sale. (According to their website, the cheapest queen-size mattress protector they offer is $69.99.) They still, however, charge you a “redelivery” fee.

Even if you’re willing to pay the extra charges, what happens if you’re past the store’s window of opportunity? Are you stuck feeling uncomfortable and having to wake up to each other for years to come?

At Verlo, you’ll never be stuck with an uncomfortable mattress.

No, we don’t take returns due to the personal nature of mattresses. (Some stores take back mattresses and then resell them. Yuck.)

But Verlo does offer therapy – for your mattress. If your body changes, or you change your mind about how soft or firm you want your mattress, Verlo can modify it through our Comfort Adjustment Service.

The service involves changing the components inside your mattress. It can be something as simple as replacing the top layer of foam with new gel-infused memory foam, or as extensive as a full makeover with additional coils, different layers of foam and a new cover. This is how Verlo can offer a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.

The first standard Comfort Adjustment (for most mattress models) is free during the first year. (Yes, free!) After that, there’s a nominal charge depending on how much “work” you have done.

What to do before rushing into saying “I do”

To avoid choosing the wrong mattress, make sure that you:

    • Spend more time getting to know each other. (Consumer Reports recommends spending at least 10 minutes lying on each side, or on your back or stomach depending on your sleep position.)
    • Know how long you have to return it.
    • Check for hidden costs.
    • Find out if the store offers a mattress adjustment service.

Finding the right one is never easy, but the more time and effort you put into it, the better your chances are of sleeping happily ever after.

Have you ever bought a mattress that you wanted to return? What happened?

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