Dream Diaries

Dream Diaries

may 30 dream diaryWhether you think dreams are predictions or messages from your subconscious, or you’re simply interested in tracking your dreams for a period of time, a dream journal is the best place to start. By writing down your dreams, you can reflect and track your dream trends; identify reoccurring dream symbols; and, reflect on nightmares or dreams of dead relatives.


How to Dream Journal Effectively

Be ready to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. During this period known as lucid dreaming, you are still partially in that dream state of mind. You’ll remember the dreams most vividly at this time. While you may be able to recall your dreams later in the day, the truth is the details will fade and you might even remember your dreams incorrectly altogether. Here are a few other guidelines for making your dream diary entries easy to reference:

  • Write down the date of your dream.
  • Give the dream diary entry a title so you can easily identify the dream later on.
  • Then go all in and write down as much as you can remember as quickly as possible. If it’s easier, do a quick sketch of something from your dream to help you remember it better.
  • Avoid worrying about grammar, punctuation or spelling. As long as you can re-read and interpret your words, that’s all that matters.
  • Write everything down, even if it is troubling or terrifying, as these details are important. Remember, no one else is going to read your dream diary, unless you invite them to. Therefore, don’t self-censor. No judgment!
  • Read back through the dream and identify any dream symbols, i.e., falling or teeth rotting, etc.
  • If you are experiencing anything dramatic or of note in your life that could relate to the dream, include this in a notes section at the end of the entry.

woman waking in morning to record dreams.jpgBe prepared to journal by having the tools at your disposal. Do you want an actual dream diary to write in, or are you someone who likes to journal electronically? For a physical dream journal, find a notebook or diary that appeals to your senses. Choose a book in a pretty color or with an inspiring phrase. After all, you want to be excited to open the diary, and you want it to complement your bedroom decor. Keep a couple of writing tools with the notebook, just in case you run out of ink mid-journaling session.

Dream Diary App Suggestions

One way to make capturing your dreams easy is by downloading a dream diary app. These apps allow you to save your dreams, track your thoughts, and access your dream diary from wherever you are. No need to lug around your actual dream diary. And since everything is saved in a cloud, you aren’t worried about losing your entries in case your diary gets lost. Here are a few of the most recommended dream diary apps:

Each of these apps offer a unique feature, such as the minimalist style of Dreambase and the all-in-one journaling of Intuition Journal. Find the app that works best for your writing style and dream journaling needs.

Most of our dreams are abstract or outlandish, but every so often we get a dream that strikes our deepest consciousness. Start analyzing your dreams to find out how your dreams are connected. You’ll be surprised as you identify reoccurring symbols or meanings in your dreams. Best of all, you may even be able to transform your life by making changes according to these meanings.

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