Do You Sleep Like a Dog or a Hamster?

Do You Sleep Like a Dog or a Hamster?

april 14 animal sleep patternsWhat kind of sleep animal are you?


This may seem like a weird question, but sleep specialist Michael Breus asked that question in an article he wrote for Sleep Savvy Magazine. In it, he matched human sleep patterns with the sleep patterns of four different mammals.

For example, if you need eight full hours of sleep, he says you sleep like a bear. Are you a light sleeper with insomnia? Then you’re a dolphin. Not a morning person, and rarely fall asleep before midnight? You’re a wolf. And, he compares lions to people who wake up early and go to bed early.

We thought it would be fun to continue with sleep pattern comparisons and come up with some of our own matches:

You are a cat if…

sleeping kittyYou love nothing more than curling up in the sun for a little nap. Good thing you can take catnaps so easily because you’re often on the prowl at night, looking for things to do, people to see and glasses to be tipped.

You are a dog if…

sleeping dog-1You would be happy sleeping half your life away. It’s not that you don’t love life and being involved, it’s just that when you get bored, you may as well fall asleep. (Hopefully, you’re still awake while reading this post.) Fortunately, the minute you are needed, you perk up and get the job done. Good, human. Now go lay down.

You’re a bird if…

You can sleep in small snatches, and are able to wake up and spring into action quickly. This trait serves you well if you are the parent of a newborn or work as a firefighter. Generally, you go to bed early and wake up early because you have so many things to do…like reading the morning paper or getting the worm.

You’re like a horse if…

You are so busy, you hardly have time for sleep. You’re lucky if you can grab 3-4 hours of sleep at night. Unfortunately, this lack of sleep catches up with you so you have to reach for the caffeine to stay awake during the day – and even then it feels as if you’re sleeping while standing up. We suggest hitting the hay more often.

Guess what, you’re a hamster if…

hamsterYou view the daytime as the time to recover from your nightlife. It’s not that you’re lazy. Your body just doesn’t start revving up until the sun sets – and then watch out! During the night, your strategic juices flow, and it’s your time to make things happen, like spinning deals – or wheels.

The best way to ensure that you get the rest you need, is to find a furry companion whose sleep habits best match your own.

Wake Up! Sleep Better.

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