Cooling Sleep Aids Drop the Temperature Between the Sheets

Cooling Sleep Aids Drop the Temperature Between the Sheets

june 4 cooling padThe long awaited summer season is here, and with it can come sweltering nights. If you or your bedmate sleep hot or suffer from frequent migraines, hot flashes, muscle and joint pain, or night sweats, you may want to consider the cooling capabilities of your sheets and pillows. For head-to-toe cooling comfort, you might even want to add a cooling mattress topper or pad.


Cooling Mattress Pads & Toppers

If your mattress sleeps too warm for your comfort, adding a cooling mattress pad can help increase airflow. If you want to add a mattress topper to improve support on an older mattress or to adjust the firmness of your bed, then adding a cooling mattress topper may allow you to solve two problems with one product.

Pay attention to how the manufacturer claims their pad or topper will cool your bed. Some are simply designed with moisture-wicking materials that help to improve the flow of air around your body. Others blend unique cooling materials into the fabric so that they feel cooler against your skin.

For example, the Sleep Chill + Crystal Gel Mattress Protector goes over the mattress like a pad, and is infused with crystal gel fibers. Compare that to the Iso-Cool mattress pad, which includes a top layer of fabric designed to help control body temperature without added cooling fibers. This is similar to the fabric on a temperature-regulating mattress pad or topper.

Cooling Pillows

cooling chill pad.jpgA cooling pillow is your best option if you want relief from headaches, migraines or hot flashes. They’re also a good choice if you want to control the cost of your cooling sleep aids or if you don’t need head-to-toe cooling benefits. The market for cooling pillows is exploding, so you have many options:

  • Pillows made from moisture-wicking fabric can absorb and dissipate heat to keep you cool. The Ghost Pillow is a popular option that also helps you maintain proper spinal alignment. Bamboo pillows with cooling properties are quite popular as well.
  • Pillows with cooling gel infused into the cover material. These are often memory foam pillows, and the foam may also contain some form of gel fiber.
  • Gel pads that you freeze or refrigerate for an hour or longer before use. Think of this as a chill pad that you place under your pillowcase for a few hours of cooling relief. Inserts that you fill with water are more likely to leak.
  • Pillows that feature a cooling gel pad built into the top surface. Consider this a standard pillow that comes with a chill pad.

Which type of cooling pillow you select will depend on the amount of coolness that you want to experience and your budget. A chill pad is easy to remove when it’s not needed, and is often the most affordable option.

Cooling Sheets

A cooling sheet may not provide the level of coolness that you can expect from a pillow gel pad that gets placed in the freezer, but they can cool down a warm foam mattress or create a cool surface in warm climates. Most are made from moisture-wicking fabric similar to the material of athletic clothing. These sheets are designed to pull heat away from the body.

You can also find some cooling sheet sets that contain added cooling fibers. For instance, some are infused with mineral rock so that they feel slightly cool to the touch.

Today’s “cool” sleep gear can eliminate the tossing and turning that often comes with nighttime heat. You can also help keep sweating under control by selecting your mattress carefully. Some memory foam mattresses sleep warmer than others, so now may be the perfect time trade in that old mattress for one that supports your body and offers increased airflow and breathability. You still want to focus on foam density, firmness, and other factors, but cooling capabilities can be just as important for overall sleep comfort.

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